Account short name: Jess
Number of transactions: 5

Negative amounts indicate that Jess is indebted to a creditor.

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Creditor/DebtorAmountDescription
2017-04-24tolls 121.72 (143.20 EURO)payages
2017-06-07food -93.541.00/14.00 of the total from food (-1309.61)
2017-06-07fuel -74.201/13 of the total from fuel (-964.71)
2017-06-07hut -58.068/117 of the total from hut (-849.24)
2017-06-07tolls -79.431/13 of the total from tolls (-1032.67)
Grand total:-183.51

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Processed at 19:19 on 2017-06-07.