Debtors and creditors

Account short name: debtorsandcreditors
Number of transactions: 18

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)AmountDescription
2017-06-07-152.97Total of account Wookey
2017-06-07-202.28Total of account Ruairi
2017-06-07-297.89Total of account Sophie
2017-06-07188.31Total of account Sam
2017-06-07-29.03Total of account Mark
2017-06-07-255.04Total of account Jim
2017-06-07-183.51Total of account Jess
2017-06-07329.98Total of account Haydon
2017-06-07-108.06Total of account Elliot
2017-06-07988.80Total of account Elaine
2017-06-0737.38Total of account David
2017-06-0735.35Total of account Chris
2017-06-07-96.41Total of account Alex
2017-06-07-254.63Total of account Ash
Grand total:0.00

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