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Club email lists

CUCC runs two club mailing lists:

  • This is the main mailing list; meets, social events etc. are announced here. Everyone interested in, or active with CUCC should be a member of this list. Posting is restricted; provided that your message is reasonable the moderators will forward it to the whole list. Subscribe or unsubscribe here.
  • This is the administrative mailing list which is used by the committee and various old lags for running the club. Appropriate people can subscribe or unsubscribe here.

Due to the volume of spam that these two lists were receiving, we've had to discard all email from non-member addresses (with the exception of emails from * Therefore if you're not a list member and you send an email to a list from a non-Cambridge email address, then your email will be silently ignored. Consider directly emailing the President or Secretary instead.

For those who've been knocking around the Club for some time, there is also the ExCS mailing list. Also see Information about ExCS.

Expedition email lists

  • is the list used for planning the annual expedition to Austria. During and after the expedition updates on progress are also sent to this list. Subscribe or unsubscribe here. This supercedes the caving-expo list hosted here at until the end of 2018.