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This section of the wiki is strictly a tool to help get expo preparation done in a coordinated fashion.

Note that the bulk of information about expo is at [1], including pages on every expo cave, expo year, and an expedition handbook. Discuss data archiving, access, and our web presence at Expo 2008/Website.

Planning for Expo 08

Expo 2008/Who and When

Pre-Expedition Tasks for Expo 08

Task Person(s) in charge Status
Communal Equipment (non-research specific)
Expo 2008/Stuff currently in Austria Done
Expo 2008/Phones Done
Expo 2008/Survey Equipment Done
Expo 2008/Drills Done
Expo 2008/Hand bolting gear Done
Expo 2008/Bivi Fettling Done
Expo 2008/Expo Computer Done
Expo 2008/Gear order Serena Done
Expo Training Weekend 2008 Done
Expo 2008/Grant Applications Ollie S/Aaron Done
Expo 2008/Sponsorship Letters Edvin Done
Expo 2008/Contacting Austrians Ollie S Done
Expo 2008/Committee Formation Ollie S Done
Expo 2008/Insurance Done
Expo 2008/Bierbook John B Done
Expo 2008/Accounting Policies Kathryn Done
Survey stuff
Expo 2008/Mini-surveys Aaron Done
Expo 2008/Data catchup Aaron Done
Expo 2008/Transport Mark S Done
Expo 2008/Expo Stash Done
Expo 2008/Food Done

Expo discussions

For disscussing things that are not any of the above tasks.

Important introductory information is available in the expedition handbook.

Post-Expo Tasks and The Future

Expo 2005 logbook

Expo 2006 logbook

Expo 2007 Logbook

Expo 2008 logbook

Expo 2009/