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This section of the wiki is just a tool to help get expo 2009 preparation done in a coordinated fashion.

Note that the bulk of information about expo is at [1], including pages on every expo cave, expo year, and an expedition handbook.

Once the tasks and discussions below become more concrete they will be transferred to the main Expo 2009 website so that the expo website remains up to date.

Expo this year will run for 4 weeks between the 18th July and 15th August. The "who and when" page is here:

Expo 2010

Pre-Expedition Tasks

Task Person in charge Status
General Admin
Sponsorship Bela Done
Contacting Austrians Edvin Done
Grant Applications Edvin Done
Expo Training Kathryn Done
Accounting Policy Jess Done
Insurance Each to their own Done
Bierbook and Seshbook Edvin Done
Transport Gareth Done
Food Serena Done
Expo Stash Emma Done
Mini Surveys Edvin Done
Gear Order Tony Done
Survey Equipment Wookey Done
Making a 2nd Drill adaptor Wookey Done
First Aid Kits Martin G Done
Phones Kathryn Done
Rescue Grab Bag/Rescue Dump Kathryn/Edvin Done
Technical Stuff
Expo Computer Frank/Edvin/Wookey Done
Troggle Aaron (Martin and Julian) In Progress
Website Update Wookey/Becka/Edvin In Progress

Post-Expedition Tasks

Hidden Earth


These aren't specific tasks that need to be done but things to think about and discuss:

Lists from the end of Expo 08