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Expo 2013

This section of the wiki is just a tool to help get expo 2013 preparation done in a coordinated fashion.

Once the tasks and discussions below become more concrete they will be transferred to the main Expo website so that the expo website remains up to date.

Expo Dates

This year expo will run from 20/7/13 to 25/8/13.

Things that need Attention

Mission Statement

The Schwarzmooskogel system is the most extensive cave system below the Loser Plateau, following recent connections the system has a total length just short of 100 km and a depth of over 1 km. Of this CUCC has contributed by surveying over 65 km.

In 2012 a breakthrough was made by connecting Kaninchenhöhle (161), which is part of the Schwarzmooskogel system, to the Tunnockschacht-Steinbrückenhöhle system (258/204) creating a combined system exceeding 90 km.

This year expo hopes to push north from Tunnocks at multiple levels and take the total length of the system over 100km.

Pre-Expedition Tasks

Task Person in charge___ Status_____
General Admin
Sponsorship Matt Watson Done
Contacting Austrians Serena Done
Grant Applications Serena Done
Expo Training Weekend Matt Watson Done
Accounting Policy Stuart Walker Done
Insurance Nobody Individual
Bierbook and Seshbook Adrian Done
Transport Becka/Everyone In Progress
Flapjack Holly Done
Food Holly and Alex In progress
Expo Stash To Be Done
Mini Surveys To Be Done
Gear Order Matt In progress
Survey Equipment Wookey and Adrian? Done enough
First Aid Kits Serena To Be Done
Solar Panels To Be Done
Drills Fettling Wookey Done
Phones To Be Done
Rescue Grab Bag/Rescue Dump Alex To Be Done
Technical Stuff
Expo Computer Wookey? In progress
Troggle ? To Be Done
Website Update ? To Be Done
Surveys To Be Done
Sponsorship photos To Be Done

Post-Expedition Tasks

Hidden Earth 2013 Conference

GPF report.


These aren't specific tasks that need to be done but things to think about and discuss:

Lists from the end of Expo 2012