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Expo 2014

This section of the wiki is just a tool to help get expo 2014 preparation done in a coordinated fashion. The main expo website is

Once the tasks and discussions below become more concrete they should be transferred to the main Expo website so that the expo website remains up to date.

Expo Dates

This year's expo dates are Sat 19th July to Sun 24th Aug.

Things that need Attention

Everyone is welcome on expo - it is not just for CUCC people. We expect some ULSA and UBSS people at least. There is plenty of cave to go round.

Mission Statement

The main target will be connecting last year's major finds in 107 to the main SMKsystem. This may involve rigging the KH end as well. Pushing Tunnockshacht (mostly the best leads are between -250 and -400) and working through our huge and embarassing backlog of found-but-barely-explored/documented entrances will be the other main activities.

The 107 work will involve using the 107 sub-camp site at least as a bivi.

Confirming that Organhoehle really has been re-found is another thing that would be interesting if we have rope and enthusiasm.


Most discussion happens on the Expo Mailing List. You need to be on here if you are thinking of coming.

Chat: The Expo IRC Channel is #expo on Use any IRC client or Web access

Pre-Expedition Tasks

Task Person in charge___ Status_____
General Admin
Sponsorship ? Done
Contacting Austrians Matt Watson Sort of Done!?
Grant Applications Matt Watson Done
Expo Training Weekend Michael Sargent Done
Accounting Policy Stuart Walker Done
Insurance Nobody Individual
Bierbook and Seshbook Adrian Done
Transport Elaine Done
Flapjack Sophie (Just Sophie) Done
Food ? Done
Expo Stash ? Done
Mini Surveys Becka and Julian Done
Gear Order David Walker Done
Survey Equipment David Walker Done
First Aid Kits ? Done
Technical Stuff
Expo Computer Wookey/Sam Done
Website Update Wookey Done
Surveys ? Done
Sponsorship photos ? Done

Post-Expedition Tasks

Hidden Earth 2014 Conference

GPF report.


These aren't specific tasks that need to be done but things to think about and discuss:

  • Add here if needed