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This page has now moved

It's now part of the expo handbook. Please link/update that page henceforth.

A few remnants have been left here until they are properly merged.

To edit the website, you need a mercurial client. If you are using Windows, TortoiseHg is highly recommended. Lots of tools for Linux and mac exist too [1], both GUI and command-line:

Using Mercurial/TortoiseHg in Windows

In Windows: install Mercurial and TortoiseHg of the relevant flavour from (ignoring antivirus/Windows warnings).

Automation on

The way things normally work, python or perl scripts turn CSV input into HTML for the website. Note that:

  • The CSV files are actually tab-separated, not comma-separated despite the extension.
  • The scripts can be very picky and editing the CSVs with microsoft excel has broken them in the past- not sure if this is still the case.
Overview of the automagical scripts on the expo website
Script location Input file Output file Purpose
/svn/trunk/expoweb/noinfo/ /svn/trunk/expoweb/noinfo/CAVETAB2.CSV many produces all cave description pages
/svn/trunk/expoweb/noinfo/ /svn/trunk/expoweb/noinfo/folk.csv Table of all expo members

/svn/trunk/surveys/ /svn/trunk/surveys/


Survey status page: "wall of shame" to keep track of who still needs to draw which surveys
Prospecting guide

Website mysteries

The following are questions for people who know the expo website well, which stumped Aaron.

  • Why is there a /home/cucc/www/expo/surveys as well as a /home/cucc/www/surveys , and is there any difference?