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Cambridge Underground 2012

Read the journal online

Call for CUCC journal articles

Cambridge University Caving Club might publish a journal sometime, compiling many kinds of caving material around the club. Either if you are a current member, ExCs, expoer or friend, you're welcome to publish your piece: short or long written tales, pictures, drawings... anything that has made CUCC in recent years.

You can either:

a) point a url address where the piece to publish is located (such as a blog, somewhere in
b) send your piece(s) to the following email address: caving-journal at

FURTHER DETAILS about pieces for the journal are below.

The journal will be printed in book or booklet format if there are enough articles. For inspiration see Cambridge Underground 2012


  • what? any tale which is just fun, funny, epic, memorable, a meaningful record or simply worth sharing. To mention just a few: trip and expo reports, your first caving trip, Easter and overseas caving trips, annual dinners, how caving or either the club have changed since 2000, surveys, lighting...
  • any length from just one paragraph to up to 3,000 words (extra length is allowed for special reports such as Expo's)
  • title, author, summaries, quotes... are welcomed extras, but not necessary
  • any typed format is fine, preferably plain text


  • what? pictures accompanying writings or simply images that are meaningful on their own, such as drawings, cartoons, t-shirt images, surveys, maps, handwritten texts...
  • minimum resolution: 300ppi, maximum size: 420x300mm, colour or grayscale
  • as above, extras such as author, title, quotes... are welcome, but not necessary
  • any image format is fine, preferably CMYK tiff, or jpg, png... and svg/pdf/ai for vectorial images
  • IMPORTANT: do not send more than 25 images per article

For those concerned about rights: the whole CUCC journal will be assigned a CC BY-NC-SA type of right. If you'd prefer to assign other type of license to your particular piece, say so and it'll be stated accordingly.