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CUCC will be visiting Majorca during the Easter 2009 vacation.

We have a villa booked in Majorca from 21st-28th March - that's about a week after the end of Lent Term. We'll be flying out there. The caves there are generally lovely and warm (you can pretty much just wear a boiler suit!) and very very pretty and there will probably also be the chance to do other activities such as canyoning. Typical cost for the week should be in the region of £150 (plus sundry expenses e.g. drink). It promises to be great fun!

Email Edvin (ed259 at cam) if you want to come.

I've just got back from Mallorca. The road just down from Escorca restaurant was blocked/lost by what was reported to be a "massive landslide" so no access to Sa Calobra or Soller from the Lluc side. Sounded like it will take a while to clear. I don't know whether the top of Sa Fosca was accessible from the Lluc side or whether you would have to go via Soller. --Arc12 20:04, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

Yes; we were told about the road closure by the locals and spent the first couple of trips to the other side of the blockage going all the way round via Palma. However, we subsequently discovered that the blockage had been cleared the day we arrived. So the road is now open again, and it looks like steps are being taken to prevent a repeat landslide. --OliverMadge 17:37, 25 April 2009 (UTC)