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Michaelmas 2010

Ease Gill by Toby

Michaelmas 2009

Swildon's Hole by Mark Shinwell
Peak Cavern by Mark Shinwell

Michaelmas 2008

Mendip by Toby

Photos from 2007-2008 CUCC Trips

Edvin's Video. A pint to the first person who correctly guesses where each video clip is.
Peak District, February 2008
Yorkshire Dales, June 2008

Random caving activities: Well exploration

Well down below

Ollie's video of Aven d'Orgnac in the Ardeche, Easter 2007

Orgnac Video

Edvin's photos from 2007

Expo 2007 Movie cert. 18
Some trip reports

Toby's photos from 2006/2007

Yorkshire September 2007
Devon March 2007
South Wales October 2006
Mendip October 2006

Older Photos

Mendip, 24-26 November 2006 (CHECC)
South Wales, 20-22 October 2006

Ancient Photos

February 2005, Toby's Photos
Yorks 3, January 2005
New Year 2005. These are Toby's photos of people messing around above ground. (Disclaimer: If these inspire you to set fire to yourself, it's not our fault, OK?).
Yorks 2.5, December 2004
Yorks 2, November 2004
Swales 1, November 2004 - no photos yet
Yorks 1, October 2004
Novice meet, October 2004
President's Meet, September 2004
Final pre-Expo Yorkshire meet, June 2004
Ropework training May 2004