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Proposal for New Year Meet 2010/2011

Our annual New Year's trip to Yorkshire. We will be staying at BULL POT FARM and it isn't mandatory to come for the full week. It's an excellent way to do some out of term caving! The plan below is just a list of the permits we got so far but there are plenty of non permit caves in Yorkshire and endless possibilities of caving :)

New Years' Meet
Meet leader TBC
Dates 26th December - 3rd Jan
Hut Bull Pot Farm
Day Easegill (received) Gaping Gill & Allotment (pending) Leck Fell (received) Fountains Fell & Penyghent (received)
Sun 26 Dec Pool Sink Bar Pot/Flood Entrance -- --
Mon 27 Dec Top Sink Car Pot -- --
Tue 28 Dec Lancaster Hole Newby Moss -- --
Wed 29 Dec County Pot Grange Rigg Pot Notts 1 --
Thu 30 Dec Cow Pot Juniper Gulf, Jean Pot Notts 2 Washfold
Fri 31 Dec Sylvester Pot Long Kin West Lost Johns/Boxhead --
Sat 01 Jan Wretched Rabbit Marble Sink Rumbling Hole --
Sun 02 Jan Lancaster Hole Rift Pot/Long Kin East Short Drop/Gavel --

PIPPIKIN POT, LINK POT, BYE GEORGE POT can all be arranged on the day, by stopping at Leck Fell House (

Proposal for Lent Term 2010

Lent term begins tue 12/01 and finishes fri 12/03

  • 1st meet: fri15/sun17 JAN -- SOUTH WALES
    • hut: Whitewalls (booked, ah ah ah!)
    • caves: Aggy & Craig (dates ok, sending SAE ASAP), DYOgof (investigating this),

Ogof Capel can be arranged as well.

  • 2nd meet: fri29/sun31 JAN -- PEAKS DISTRICT
    • hut: TSG (booked)
    • caves: Titan/JH (applied for key), other caves which can be arranged on the day
  • 3rd meet: fri12/sun14 FEB -- YORKSHIRE
    • hut: Brackenbottom (booked)
    • caves: Jean Pot, Hull Pot and Little Hull Pot. Birks Fell (no access until april!)
  • 4th meet: fri26/sun28 FEB -- MENDIP
    • hut: Wessex (booked)
    • caves: Charterhouse (applied to the wessex), St Cuthbert's (applied to the belfry), Longwood/August (will do), Swildon's short round, GB

Out of term / Easter term

Proposal for Mich Term 2009

The squash is on Monday 12th October.

After pub discussion, we came to this plan (more or less?):

-> One extra one day meet to Peaks would be the ideal solution to the high number of novices we experienced in the last couple of years.

  • First meet (17/18 October 2009) - Mendip Hills - one day meet
    • MNRC Hut: Booking Confirmed for Sat 17 October
    • Swildon's Hole on Sun 18 October: no permit required
  • Second meet (24/25 October 2009) - Peak District - one day meet
    • Orpheus Hut Booking Confirmed for Sat 24 October
    • Peak Cavern Booking Confirmed for Sun 25 October
    • P8, Giant's hole on Sun 25 October: no permit required
  • Third meet (30 Oct/01 Nov 2009) - Yorkshire Dales - weekend meet
    • Greenclose Hut Booking Confirmed for Sat 17 October
    • Bar Pot/Rathole for Sat 31 October: permit received
    • Pool Sink/Wr Rabbit for Sat 31 October: permit received
    • Short Drop/Gavel Pot for Sun 1 November: permit received
  • Bonfire night at the Farm (6/8 November 2009)
  • Fouth meet (13/15 November 2009) - South Wales - weekend meet
    • WSG Hut Booking Confirmed for Fri/Sat 13/15 November
    • OFD I & II, Little Neath: investigating for an OFD I leader
  • Fifth meet (27/29 November 2009) - weekend meet
    • Bull Pot Farm booking confirmed for Fri/Sat 27/28 November
    • Lost Johns for Sat 28 November: permit received
    • Lancaster Hole and County Pot for Sat 28 November: permit received
    • Notts 2 for Sun 29 November: permit received