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I'm a novice, how much will this caving madness cost me?

One-day meets (i.e. the first two meets planned for Michaelmas) will cost you £21, which includes transportation, breakfast on Sunday, accommodation and gear rental. You will need to bring some extra money for food on Saturday and Sunday night, as we will stop at a takeaway. Alternatively bring some packed food to eat.

The subsequent weekend meets will cost you between £21.50 and £30.50 (possibly subject to change in 2009), depending on how much gear you will need to borrow from the club. The £21.50 cost includes transportation, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday night and accommodation. Gear rental fees are explained below. You will need to bring some spare cash/food to provide yourself with nutritional support on Friday night and Sunday night. On Sunday night expect to be hungry!

Rental Fees 08/09

As a novice you will borrow all the gear you need from the club. The club charges daily rates on individual gear items. The global cost for basic/SRT is:

  • All Basics: £ 3.00
  • SRT Kit : £ 1.50

The basic gear rental contains oversuit, undersuit, light and helmet, kneepads, wellies. For the 3 first meets you won't need vertical (SRT) equipment, as we will be using ladders. During the following meets you will have to borrow SRT kits, and the daily rental will be £ 4.50.

Meet Fees 08/09

Weekend Meet (incl. transportation, sat/sun breakfast, sat dinner, accomodation )

  • Non-Driver: £ 21.50

Novice Sat/Sun Meet (incl transportation, sunday breakfast, accomodation )

  • Non-Driver: £ 18

Membership/Insurance Fees 08/09

As a novice the club will generously subsidise you for a 17 days temporary insurance (in case you are wondering this costs the club £ 3). This will allow you to come to training for free and won't load on your meets fees for a total of 2 weeks. If after two weeks of dealing with us you want more then you will have to pay a club membership fee and yearly insurance.

If you are a novice this is going to sum up to £ 16. The fees are:

  • Club Membership (Oct 07-Oct 08) £ 6
  • 16 Months Insurance (Oct 07-Dec 08) - Student rate £ 10
  • Yearly Insurance (Jan 08-Dec 08) - Student rate £ 8
  • Yearly Insurance (Jan 08-Dec 08) - Non Student rate £ 16


If you have questions please contact the junior treasurer (oacs2).