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List of to-do-s for Expo website

  • Content
  • Structure
    • Create a thorough webmap including all existing pages (automatic?)
    • [DONE] Add a unique menu to all pages with the five main links found in the homepage?
    • Add troggle links into relevant places (start with top page)
    • remove 'SubAreas' dirs - they serve no purpose
    • gather templates for all page types (django templates?), f.ex. within folder /templates/. Page types are:
    • add 'id="links"' to all bottom 'ul' lists in cave descriptions. (Should this be done in django templates? not sure...)
    • [DONE] correct the link "to CUCC homepage" everywhere: should link to actual CUCC wiki or either to homepage (but if we get a unified menu over the 'Related links' then we need not it)
    • ..
  • Django
    • WYSIWYG editing
    • QM list management/generation/linking