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Several caving trips occurred on this meet: on Saturday, two parties did an exchange between County Pot and Wretched Rabbit Entrance in Easegill, and a third party went to Short Drop and Lost Johns' Cave on Leck Fell. On the Sunday, a splinter group went to Aygill while most of us wandered down Valley Entrance. I took some photos in Easegill on Saturday; unfortunately, no photos are extant from Sunday,as my camera had spontaneously metamorphosed into cold macaroni cheese. Photos by Dave Loeffler.

Potholes eroded in the limestone bed of Ease Gill Beck, just above Cow Dubs waterfall

Pa300004 fettled.jpg
Extremely weird little bobbles of mud a couple of millimetres across; we found a whole section of wall near the bottom of Wretched Rabbit Passage covered in this stuff. Apologies to Louisa, providing lighting here, for cutting her face in half (not the best framing I've ever managed).

Cristiana studying the foam on the ceiling of the Easegill Main Drain at Eureka Junction. In flood conditions this can back up to a depth of many metres.

Pa300006 fettled.jpg
Emerging from County Pot after a through trip from Wretched Rabbit Entrance. L-R: Cristiana, Louisa, Nial, and James.