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All the caving trips this weekend were to the caves of West Kingsdale. On Saturday, we split into two teams: Olly, Simon and Stuart did Rowten, while Dave, Nial, Sarah and Rupert went to Jingling. On Sunday, we did a pull-through down Swinsto Hole and out through Valley Entrance, but unfortunately none of the photos of this came out.

1 rowten ent.jpg
The classic entrance of Rowten Pot. (Watch out for clueless tourists dropping stones down!). Photo: Rupert Bateson

2 jingling ent.jpg
Jingling Pot entrance: a 40m daylight shaft. Photo: Rupert Bateson

3 nial jingling.jpg
Nial rigging the Jingling entrance pitch, perched unconcernedly above a large amount of empty space. Photo: Dave Loeffler

4 rupert jingling.jpg
Rupert prusiking up the bottom pitch of the Lateral Cleft route in Jingling, illuminated by the lamps of those waiting below. Photo: Dave Loeffler

5 prusiking jingling.jpg
One of a team of Manchester cavers who were doing Jingling at the same time as us, via the direct route. Photo: Dave Loeffler