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Apologies for the rubbish formatting, wil sort it out at some point, for the time being, hover over the photos for the captions. Edvin

On Saturday, the only photos that were taken were by Martin, on his hard-as-nails trip to Bye George Pot with Becka and Julian.
Stals in Bye George Pot Helictites More helictites in Bye George
Sunday was a little more photogenic, with a trip to Notts II on Leck Fell (so named as it was originally discovered by diving from Notts Pot, although a dry entrance has since been found). This is an extensive cave carrying a large stream, with many beautiful decorations in the main streamway and the many side inlets.
Toby perches on a bridge of boulders. Photo: Dave Loeffler Dramatic black-streaked curtains and flowstone. Photo: Mark Shinwell The black stalactites, from a different angle. Photo: Mark Shinwell Curtains and flowstone with the same curious black streaks. Photo: Dave Loeffler The same again, with Toby's head for scale. Photo: Dave Loeffler Curtain in a grotto above the streamway. Photo: Dave Loeffler Crystal pool in the same grotto. Photo: Dave Loeffler Curtain again, with Emma for scale. Photo: Dave Loeffler Letty next to a stalactite column in Curry Inlet. Photo: Peter Clifton Rupert at a decorated corner in Curry Inlet. Photo: Peter Clifton More decorations in Curry Inlet, with Phil posing. Photo: Mark Shinwell Wookey admires a huge stalactite (in Curry Inlet again, I think). Photo: Mark Shinwell Strangely distorted stalactites in the main Notts 2 streamway, upstream of Curry Inlet. Photo: Dave Loeffler Ceiling in the upper main streamway. Photo: Dave Loeffler Section of the streamway with roof scalloping, illuminated by Wookey, Dave, and Emma (round the corner out of shot). Photo: Mark Shinwell Mark with his carefully-packed camera gear. Photo: Dave Loeffler Rupert and Letty contemplate a damp climb near the downstream sump. Photo: Peter Clifton Letty about to get very wet. Photo: Peter Clifton Letty climbing back up the waterfall. Photo: Peter Clifton Letty emerging from the crawl to the final downstream sump. Photo: Peter Clifton