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Membership and insurance

Caving in the UK requires public liability insurance provided by the British caving association, who operate on the calendar year. As such club membership is also run Jan - Dec.

As a novice the club will generously subsidise you for your first term's insurance when you become a member. This means that your first trip will cost £10 extra.

The fees are:

Concept Period Student rate Non Student rate
Newcomer deal 3 months insurance (Oct - Dec) £10 £10
15 months membership (Oct - next Dec)
Club Membership 1 year (Jan - Dec) £10 £10
Insurance 1 year (Jan - Dec) £8 £17


The fees of meets are £35 for Fri/Sun weekend-meets (excludes gear rental, see rental fees below). Fees include transport, food and accommodation. One day meets are held at the beginning of the year and are charged at a special rate.

You will need to bring some extra money for food whilst travelling (or some actual food) to and for the meet (£10 should cover it), and for sundries during the weekend, as we sometimes go to the pub after a trip.

The club's Meet Accounting Policy gives full details of the costs.


Gear rental fees per day of use underground:

  • £0.50 Light
  • £1.50 Undersuit, oversuit, helmet, wellies, knepads, belt
  • £1.00 SRT kit, harness

For the 3 first meets you won't need vertical (SRT) equipment, as we will be using ladders.

You will borrow all the caving equipment you need from the club. You can carry on renting CUCC gear for as long as you need but at some point you will want to buy your own so you get stuff that actually fits properly. This is usually done in stages as the whole lot is quite expensive: wellies, undersuit, oversuit, kneepads (£120); SRT kit (£180); Helmet and Light (£120).


If you have questions please contact the junior treasurer.

Updated Nov 2011

Above Penwyllt, there's an open view of Bannau Sir Gaer (the Black Mountain). South Wales. By Toby Speight