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(Summer: updated availability)
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**Any preference for dates?
**Any preference for dates?
'''[[User:Toby]]''': Otter Hole date is a Bank Holiday - would prefer the weekend before or after.  I'm keen to come on the President's meet.
'''[[User:Toby]]''': Otter Hole date is a Bank Holiday - but it's now in my diary anyway.  I'm keen to come on the President's meet; all of September is still fair game for me.

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Here's a first draft of a meets calendar for the next year, please comment!

Next Term

  • May 10/11:
    • Otter Hole: CANCELLED - but I'm up for going elsewhere that weekend
  • May 24/25: Yorks
    • Hut: Greenclose
    • Caves: Hammer+ Gingling (also winch meet) all booked.
  • June 7/8: Yorks:
    • Hut: camping somewhere to the east
    • Caves: Hammer+Gingling, also keen for Prov-Dow, Magnetometer, Sleets Gill which don't need permits.
  • June 21/22: Expo Training????
    • At Bull Pot Farm??? Lancs Permit???

User:Toby: Can't make the Otter trip, as I'm at a wedding. May come to Yorks in early June; Hillwalkers are in Stainforth that weekend, so could meet with them, too. I'm probably at BPF on 21/22 as well.


  • July + Early August: Expo!
  • August 23: Otter Hole
    • Confrmed
  • September: President's meet
    • Ollie, do you want me to book hut/cave?
    • Ingleborough show cave far reaches?
    • Any preference for dates?

User:Toby: Otter Hole date is a Bank Holiday - but it's now in my diary anyway. I'm keen to come on the President's meet; all of September is still fair game for me.


October Tues 7th: Term begins/Freshers Fair I think

October Tues 14th: Squash??

  • October 18/19: Mendip
    • Hut: MNRC is now booked since it's Wessex annual dinner that weekend
    • Caves: Swildon's Hole
  • November 1/2: SWales
    • Hut: SWCC now booked
    • Caves: OFD
  • November 15/16: Yorks
    • Hut: Greenclose now booked
    • Caves: Bar Pot and Gaping Gill Dihedral (experienced people could do an exchange, novices can go in and out of Bar), and an Easegill permit of some sort perhaps so we can cater for both SRT and ladder trips. Any others? Update: Bar Pot and GG permits have arrived.

November 22/23 CHECC weekend in Derbyshire: leave this as an 'extra' meet for keen people?

  • November 29/30: Peaks
    • Hut: Orpheus: hut booked
    • Caves: P8, Carlswark, Giants and many others on SRT or ladder. Quite keen for Bagshawe.

New Year

Bull Pot Far with an array of permits from Easegill, Leck Fell, Gaping Gill, Allotment (maybe also Aygill Caverns)?
Alternatively, Ireland was mentioned as an alternative?

Lent Term 09

January 13th: Start of term

  • January 24/25: SWales
    • Hut: Whitewalls
    • Caves: the usual suspects Darren, Aggy, Craig.
  • February 7/8: Yorks
    • Hut: Brackenbottom
    • Caves: Penyghent, Little Hull, Hunt, Magnetometer, plus the ones round Birkwith on Sunday
  • February 21/22: Peaks
    • Hut: TSG
    • Caves: Nettle, Oxlow, P7, Peak Cavern
  • March 7/8: NWales
    • Staying wherever I find somewhere
    • Could have a more mine-orientated trip eg. Milwr Tunnel and others, and there's also Ogof Hesp Alyn.

Easter Trip

South of France? North of France? Sardinia?