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Legacy Logs

All pages containing trip logs (among other things) from the old wiki have been preserved (complete with formatting) in the legacy section of the archive.

The CUCC Blog

Trip Announcement: Mendip 30/08 - 01/09

I have just started making arrangements for a summer trip to the Mendips next weekend. If you are interested in coming, please email me at "president at" Current plans seems to be: staying at the Wessex Hut (if we can get space) on the Friday and Saturday nights with a crash course in SRT followed by a trip down Hunter's Hole (just next to the pub...). Elaine's party is Saturday night AFAIK, and Sunday might be a nice time for a jolly down Swildon's. Crossley's Car: - Crossley - Romaric - Rosana - Marc David's Car: - David - Monika - Maxime - Jon - Chloe Wookey & Tess are no longer planning to go.

-- Tom Crossley, Aug. 21, 2019. Category: News

Website Update: Gear Hire

We now have gear hire functionality! Head over to to see for yourself! Currently, the dataset is filled with sample stuff and there are no active permissions but it's a satisfying V1.0 - go have a play! UPDATE: Dataset is still filled with sample stuff but permissions have been integrated into the page. Relevant people can: - Sign gear out/in on their own behalf - Sign gear out on someone else's behalf - View the list of hire instances for any item - Add/Edit/Delete items from the inventory UPDATE: Have been to tackle store and logged app of our gear into the new system. Enjoy.

-- Tom Crossley, Aug. 21, 2019. Category: News

Website Update: Security and Permissions

The latest site patches have been implemented to properly make use of django permissions. As of now, creating a user account gives you no default permissions (you can't add/edit/delete blog posts, for instance). However, groups with sensible permissions have been added, so your user can be "approved" by anyone with the relevant permission, moving you into the relevant groups which add the relevant permissions.

-- Tom Crossley, Aug. 19, 2019. Category: News

Website Update: GDPR and Mailing Lists

GDPR Compliance: The latest site update has brought us into line with GDPR and associated standards of practice. This includes the suitably annoying banner that appears the first time you access the site, and the statements in the user creation form. Mailing List Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Each user now has a checkbox for "Subscribe to mailing list?" as part of their profile. If you check the box, you are subscribed, if you leave it unchecked, you are unsubscribed. If you change you preference several times in quick succession, you will end up subscribed (and not unsubscribed).

-- Tom Crossley, Aug. 19, 2019. Category: News

Summer SRT Training

Yesterday, Romaric and I went to the trees near Churchill to get some SRT practice in for Romaric's trip to the Ardeche later in summer. We're hoping to got to the Mendips later in the month where we will do our best to get some more SRT done.

-- Tom Crossley, Aug. 19, 2019. Category: Training