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The Caving Library Books Catalogue Missing Books

Location & Access

The CUCC library is situated in Pembroke College, on M staircase:

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The key is kept at the Porter's Lodge; ask for the "Caving Club Library" key, the porter will look at you blankly but eventually find it.

Library Lock

To get there from the Porters' Lodge go straight ahead along the left side of the court and through an arch past the hall and kitchens. Continue ahead to M staricase at the opposite side of the next court. Go up the spiral staricase just inside the door to the 2nd (top) floor, then follow the corridor round to the left and through a door. The library is in two padlocked cupboards immediately on your right - identified by a tiny label saying 'CUCC'. The left hand cupboard contains Journals and Guidebooks. The right hand cupboard contains other literature.

The Library

Books Catalogue

First Aid

Author Title Date
Flint, T. and Cain, H. D. Emergency treatment and management 1985
Glanvill, P. First Aid for Cavers 1989
Kirby, N. G. Baillieres Handbook of First Aid 1985
Wilson, D. H. Accident and Emergency Handbook 1985
Woolf, N. and Laverack, G. A course in ambulance aid 1987


Note: Guidebooks are not usually borrowable by individuals as they are needed for club meets.

Region Author Title Date
Peak District Adam, W. Gem of the Peak- Guide to Matlock Bath andd its vicinity 1851
Peak District Ballard, J. Caves, Potholes and Mines of Derbyshire 1974
Peak District Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club Peak District rigging guides
Peak District Derbyshire Caving Association Derbyshire caving - Handbook of the D.C.A. 1987
Peak District Flindall, R. and Hayes, A. The Caverns and Mines of Matlock Bath: 1 The Nestus Mines: Rutland and Masson Caverns 1976
Peak District Ford, T. D. and Gill, D. W. Caves of Derbyshire 1984
Peak District Various Caves of the Peak District Caves of the Peak District 1996
Foreign Chinese Academy of Geologial Sciences Karst in China 1976
Foreign Courbon, P. Atlas des Gouffres de Provence et des Alpes de lumiere 1975
Foreign Courbon, P. Atlas des Grands Gouffres du monde 1979
Foreign Conseil General des Alpes-Maritimes Clues & Canyons (canyoning guide) 1999
Foreign Gebauer, D. Caves of India and Nepal 1982
Foreign Geyer, E. Verein fur Hohlenkunde in Obersterier 2003
Foreign Harlen Bretz, J. Caves of Missouri 1956
Foreign Klappacher, K. Salzburger Hohlenbuch Band 1 1975
Foreign Kopper,A. and Kuruc, J. Spišská Nová Ves: brána do Slovenského raja 1984
Foreign Marshall, D. Vercours Caves 1996
Foreign Petrrochilou, A. The Perama Caves of Ioannina 1972
Foreign Pfarr, T. and Stummer, G. Die Langsten und Tiefsten Hohlen Osterreichs 1988
Foreign Robinson, D. and Barnett, J. Carlsbad Caverns National Park 1967
Foreign Sullivan, M. The Cave Temples of Maichishan 1969
Foreign Sydney Speleological Society Bungonia Caves, Sydney Speleological Society Occiasional Paper No. 4 1972
Foreign Talis, J. and Novotny, L. Stratenskej Jaskyne 1989
Foreign Tchou, C. Guide de la France Souterraine 1970
Foreign Vourlitis, J. S. Caverns of Mani
Foreign Klappacher, K. Salzburger Hohlenbuch Band 2 1975
Foreign VHO Speleo Austria 2001
Ireland Jones, G. L. The caves of Fermanagh and Cavan 1997
Ireland Self, C. A. Caves of County Clare 1980
Ireland Tratman, E. K. The Caves of North West Clare 1969
South-West Balch, H. E. Mendip - its swallet caves and rock shelters 1948
South-West Barrington, N. and Stanton, W. Mendip, the complete caves and a view of the hills 1977
South-West Irwin, D. J. and Knibbs, A. J. Mendip Underground 1987
Wales Jenkins, D. W. and Mason Williams, A. Caves in Wales and the Marches 1967
Wales Chelsea Speleological Society An Exploration Journal of Llangattlwg Mountain 1992
Yorkshire Official Guide to Ingleton 'Land of Waterfalls and Newly-discovered caverns' 1936
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern Caves Vol. 3, The three counties system and the North West 1994
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern caves Vol 2 - The three peaks 1991
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern Caves Vol 1 Wharfedale and the North East 1988
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern caves Vol 4B Leck and Casterton fells 1983
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern caves Vol 4A Scales moor and Kingsdale 1983
Yorkshire Brook, D. et al. Northern caves Vol 5. The Northern Dales. 1977
Yorkshire CNCC Rigging guide number 1
Yorkshire CNCC Rigging guide number 2
Yorkshire CNCC Rigging guide number 3
Yorkshire Holland, E. G. Underground in Furness 1967
Yorkshire Thornber, N. Pennine underground 1947


Author Title Date Notes
Anderson, J. Cave Exploring 1974 Caving Techniques from US perpective.
Attout, J. Men of Pierre Saint-Martin 1956 (original in French 'Les Hommes de la Pierre Saint-Martin). 1950 to 1954 PSM exploration.
Baker, E. A. Caving-Episodes of Underground Exploration 1970 The autobiography of a famous speleologist. A caving classi of early explorationin England. Ireland. and the Continent with the original plates.
Beck, H. M. Gaping Gill. 150 years of exploration 1984
Bedford, B. L. Challenge Underground 1975 12 plates and 12 line drawings. Experienced cavers will appreciate the anecdotes about themselves, though the importance of approaching the caves with respect and common sense is emphasized.
Bernard, G. La geste de Robert Joly 1974 Collected Stories of the life of Pierre Fanlac
Bersia La Radiesthesie a Votre Portee 1966 In french.
Bill, L. Sink-Hole 1977 Adventure story about non-cavers trapped undergound.
Bogli and Franke Radiant Darkness, the Wonderful World of Caves 1967
Boon, J. M. Down to a Sunless Sea 1977
Burgess, R. F. The Cave Divers 1976 Cave diving from early UK work to US work in Yucatan and Florida.
Cadoux, J. et al. One thousand metres down. A journey to the Starless River 1957 First descent of the Gouffre Berger - the first 1km deep cave
Casell, A. Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association 1948-1968 1968 History, background and notable rescues
Casteret, N. Ten years under the Earth 1975
Casteret, N. My Caves 1947
Casteret, N. The Descent of the Pierre Saint-Martin 1954
Casteret, N. The Darkness under the earth 1954
Casteret, N. Ma vie Souterraine: Memoires d'un Speleologue 1961 In french.
Casteret, N. More Years Under the Earth 1962 10th in a series. Account of exploration of the Cigalere and a discussion of cave diving.
Casteret, N. Mission Underground 1964 Journey to the Center of the Earth style cave fiction.
Casteret, N. Ma Speleologie de A a Z 1968 Essays on caving
Casteret, N. and Mussey, B. Ten Years under the Earth 1939 (orig published as 'Dix ans sous Terre' 1933 and 'Au fond des gouffres' 1936)
Chabert, C. and de Couval, M. E A Martel - Bioliographie 1971
Chevalier, P. Subterranean Climbers. Twelve years in the world's deepest chasm 1951 Exploration of the Trou du Glaz near Grenoble
Chevalier, P. Subterranean Climbers. 12 years in the world's deepest hasm 1975
Christopher, J. The Caves of Night 1962 Adventure yarn involving members of a love triangle trapped behind a rockfall.
Clay, P. Underground Empire: Wonders and Tales of New York Caves 1966 A collection of interesting stories by the Amerian 'Casteret'.
Corentin, Q. Jusqu'au Fond du Gouffre: Record du Monde a la Pierre Saint-Martin 1968 In french
Corentin, Q. Jusqu'au Fond du Gouffre: tome 2 1978 In french.
Cowper Powys, J. Morwyn 1977 Horror fiction of journey to hell
Cullingford, C. Exploring Caves 1951
de Lavaur, G. Caves and Cave Diving 1956
England, A. W. Caves, an anthology 1973 A fascinating collection of cave writings from Lovelock to Hardy
Eyre, J. The Easegill System. BCRA Speleohistory series no 1 1989 History of the discovery and exploration of the Easegill system, by someone who was there at the start
Eyre, J. and Frankland, J. Race Against Time 1988 Account of CRO rescues over 50 years, humorous touches but serious message
Farr, M. The Great Caving Adventure 1984 Autobiography of a leading cave diver
Fidler, K. The Lost cave 1978 adventure yarn set in the Dales.
Franke, H. E. Wilderness under the Earth 1958 Includes a desription of an expedition to the Totes Gebirge.
Furness, A. The forbidden cave 1964
Gill, D. W. and Deakin, P. R. British Caves and Potholes 1975 Superb monochrome photographs of the best known British Caves
Gillet, J. Of caves and caving - A way and a life 2002
Griosel, Y. Pyrenees Souterraines 1959 Discovering and exploration of Cigalere and Gouffre Pierre, then a record at -540m. In French.
Halliday, W. American Caves and Caving 1974 A book by the author of 'Adventure is Underground' and 'Depths of the Earth'. A number of themes are interwoven thoughout the book; productivity of scientifically based exploration, breakthroughs in vertical caving, non limestone caving, and a conservation message perhaps stronger than in Bill's previous books. Bill writes that "It's going to be delightfully controversial. I have stuck my neck out on all sorts of debatable points, and I've got a pretty good idea who is going to be infuriated".
Heap, D. Potholing: Beneath the Northern Pennines 1964
Hogg, G. Deep Down 1961 Selected remarkable tales of speleology. Death of Neil Moss in Peak Cavern, Casteret's free diving discovery of Montespan, discovery of Carlsbad caverns, Early explorations in the PSM, The skier who fell down a shaft on Tauplitz, Totes Gebirge, discovery of Lascaux by schoolboys, Early exploration of Eisreisenwelt.
Hutton, J. A Tour to the Caves in the Environs of Ingleborough and Settle 1970 One of the earliest comprehensive works on the caves of Yorkshire accessible in the 1780's.
Hyde, C. Styx 1982 Very Silly fiction!
Johnson, P. The History of Mendip Caving 1967
Judson, D. Ghar Parau 1973 Expedition to the Pindus Mountains of Iran
Lambert, F. Le Monde Souterrain 1970 Illustrated children's book about caving. In french.
Lawrence, J. O. E. and Brucker, R. W. The Cave Beyond. The story of the Floyd Collin's Crystal. Cave exploration 1955 A classic American caving book
Longsworth, P. Exploring Caves 1959
Lovelock, J. Life and Death Underground 1963 16 plates. The author describes his caving experiences in England, Ireland and the Gouffre Berger. But his accounts of cave accidents from Floyd Collins to Neil Moss and the Alderley Edge make thoughtful, if not sobering, reading.
Mason, E. J. Caves and Caving in Britain 1977
Mitchell, W. R. Yorkshire's Hollow Mountains 1989
Oldham, T. and Oldham, A. Discovering Caves - A guide to the show caves of Britain 1972
Orr, J. Reflections, 'Alfie' 1971 'A look at the 'spelaeodes' and other caving sagas. Poetic caving tales with cartoons.
Owen, L. A. Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills 1970 The Authoress weaves a fascinating fabric of exploration and discovery lacde with scientific theory and comments on the contemporary scene. She often becomes irritated at the limitations imposed on her sex. With a new intro by Jerry Vineyard.
Palmer, R. O. B. Deep into Blue Holes 1989 The story of the Andras project
Pennick, N. The Subterranean Kingdom - A Survey of Man-made Structures Beneath the Earth 1981
Richard, C. Climbing Blind 1966 Autobiography of a blind climber and caver
Savory, J. A Man Deep in Mendip. The caving diaries of Harry Savory 1910-1921 1989 includes black and white photos
Showell, S. How underground Britain is Explored 1959
Showell, S. The Lost Pothole 1961 Children's caving yarn with lots of pics, surveys, and diagrams. Set in yorkshire.
Sieveking, A. The Cave Artists 1979 144 illustrations, 14 in colour. An introduction to european cave art with a concentration on stylistic analysis.
Siffre, M. Beyond Time 1965 A first hand account of two months spent living underground.
Siffre, M. Dans les Abimes de la Terre 1975 In french
Sloane, B. Cavers, Caves, and Caving 1977 A collection o articls about American caving.
Tazieff, H. La Gouffre de la Pierre Saint-Martin 1964 In french.
Tazieff, H. Caves of Adventure 1953 Story of the two epic Pierre Saint Martin Expeditions 1951 and 1952, with a new world depth record and the death of Marcel Loubens.
Trombe, F. Que Sais-Je? (series) La Speleologie 1956 In french
Waltham, A. C. Caves 1974 Photographic introduction to the wide variety of cave types. A coffee-table style book intended for the general public.
Waltham, A. C. The World of Caves 1976 A4, over 150 plates in colour, diagrams; describes caves all over the world with crisp text and superb colour plates. Waltham's third and best book.
Cuevas Prehistoricas Altamira 1961 description and Analysis of the Altamira caves' exceptional prehistoric art. In spanish


Author Title Date Notes
Bauer, E. The mysterious world of caves 1971
Cullingford, H. D. British Caving - an introduction to speleology, by members of the British Cave Research Group 1962
Culver, D. and Fong, D. Adapation and natural selection in caves 1995
Fenelon, P. Memoires et Documents: Phenomenes Karstiques 1972 In french
Ford, T. D. Limestone and Caves of the Peak district 1977
Ford, T. D. and Cullingford, C. The science of speleology 1976
Gilbreath, A. Nature's Underground Palaces: Caves and Caverns 1978 Children's book that discusses physical phenomena discovered in caves, the people who once inhabited them, animals which are true cave dwellers, and man's uses for "underground palaces".
Herak, M. and Springfield, V. T. Karst. Important Karst Regions of the Northern Hemisphere 1972
Ingle Smith, D. Limestone and Caves of the Mendip Hills 1975 numerous plates,figs, surveys, etc A comprehensive introduction to the most researched limestone area in the world.
Jakucs, L. Morphogenetics of Karst Regions: Variants of Karst Evolution 1977
Jennings, J. N. Karst Geomorphology 1985
Jennings, J. N. Karst 1971 First edition of "Karst Geomorphology"
Kuhn, H. Eiszeitmaler 1958 Study of Ice-age cave drawings from France and Spain. (In German). 20 pages of pics.
Middleton, J. and Waltham, T. The underground atlas 1986
Mohr, C. and Poulsor, T. Life of the Cave 1966
Moore, G. W. and Sullivan, G. N. Speleology - The study of caves 1978
Pitty, A. F. An Approach to the study of Karst Water 1966 Study method illustrated by results from Pooles Cavern
Shannon, T. About Caves 1960 Children's book that describes different types of caves (sea, ice,lava, etc.) and some of the famous caves in the US
Smith, D. I. and Ingle, D. Limestones and Caves of the Mendip Hills 1974 Geology and geomorphology of Mendip caves
Stenuit, R. Caves and the Marvellous World Beneath Us 1964 Describes speleothem formation, cave biology, and prehistoric cave artefacts in non-technical terms.
Sweeting, M. M. Karst Landforms 1972 51pls, 127 figs, 544 refs, etc. This is the main work on this topic. very schoarly and detailed.
Vandel, A. Biospeloeoplogy: The Biology of Cavernicolous Animals 1965
Vaughan, J. Maconald Starters: Caves 1973 Children's book about caves with an illustrated glossary at the back.
Waltham, A. C. The limestones and Caves of North-West England 1974 numerous plates,figs, surveys, etc.
Waltham, A. C. Limestones and Caves of North West England 1974 Caves of the Dales related to geology and geomorphology
Waltham, A. C. (ed) Karst Research Expedition to the Himalaya 1970
Waltham, T. and Davies, M. Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - a field guide. 1987

Technical Guides

Author Title Date Notes
Ballard, J. The Spur Book of Caving 1978 Techniques and equipment guide. Lots of illustrations
Blum, E. A.B.C de la Radiesthesie 1954 How to guide to dowsing. In French.
Cons, D. Cavecraft - An introduction to Caving and Potholing 1966 Caving techniques manual.
Cullingford, C. Manual of Caving Techniques 1969
Dobrilla, J. C. and Marbach, G. Techniques de la Speleologie Alpine 1973 SRT guide. Contains some surveys. In french.
Elliot, D. Single Rope Technique. A Training Manual 1986
Elliot, D. and Lawson, D. Single Rope Technique. Rigging guide 1987 SRT guidebook to the Yorkshire Dales
Ellis, B. Surveying caves 1976 The standard cave surveying text - but falls apart
Fabre, A. C. Speleological convention signs 1978 Standard symbols for cave surveys
Grossenbacher, Y. Topographie souterraine 1991 Surveying instruments and techniques
Howes, C. Images Below: A Manual of Underground and Flash Photography 1997
Howes, C. Cave photography. A practical guide 1987
Jasinski, M. and Maxwell, B. Caves and Caving 1967 A bit dated
Lovelock, J. Caving 1969
Lovelock, J. A caving Manual 1981 includes diving, food, horizontal and vertical caving, equipment
Marbach, G. and Rocourt, J. L. Techniques de la Speleologie Alpine 1986 THE standard work by people who cave every weekend in the alps
March, B. Modern rope techniques in mountaineering 1985 Essential background to all rope techniques
Meredith, M. and Martinez, D. A. N. Vertical Caving 1986 Good alternative to Elliot's SRT training manual, buyt still very frogocentric
Montgomery, N. Single Rope Techniques 1977 Discusses a number of SRT rigs but rather archaic
Robinson, D. Know the Game- Potholing and Caving 1967 Good techniques manual. Clothing, gear, techniques, ladders, building, rigging and climbing.
Sparrow, A. The complete caving manual 1997 2 copies
Thrun, R. Prusiking 1977 For museum purposes only, but handy if you forgot your ascenders
Warild, A. Vertical: A technical manual for cavers 1988