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The Caving Library Books Catalogue Missing Books

Location & Access

The CUCC library is situated in Pembroke College, on M staircase:

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The key is kept at the Porter's Lodge; ask for the "Caving Club Library" key, the porter will look at you blankly but eventually find it.

Library Lock

To get there from the Porters' Lodge go straight ahead along the left side of the court and through an arch past the hall and kitchens. Continue ahead to M staricase at the opposite side of the next court. Go up the spiral staricase just inside the door to the 2nd (top) floor, then follow the corridor round to the left and through a door. The library is in two padlocked cupboards immediately on your right - identified by a tiny label saying 'CUCC'. The left hand cupboard contains Journals and Guidebooks. The right hand cupboard contains other literature.

The Library

Missing Books

Category Title Author Date Notes
Guidebook - Derbyshire Potholing - Beneath the northern Pennines Heap, D. 1964
Guidebook - Scotland The caves of Assynt Jeffreys, A. 1972
Guidebook - Southwest A Burrington cave atlas Howell, C. et al. 1973
Guidebook - Wales Welsh Caves Registry, C. C.
Guidebook - Wales Caves of South Wales Stratford, T. 1986
Guidebook - Wales The caves of Camarthan Tony, O. 1975
Guidebook - Yorkshire Northern caves Vol 2. Penyghent and Malham. Brook, A. et al. 1982
Guidebook - Yorkshire Northern caves Vol 3. Ingleborough Brook, A. et al. 1981
Narrative Explorations Journal of the University of Leeds Speleological Association Brook, D. and Crabtree, H. 1969 Fascinating historical review of cave exploration in the Dales
Narrative The Cave Explorers Eyre, J. 1981 Autobiography of one of Britain's best known cavers. Very witty, but chauvinist
Narrative Karszt Ès Barlang (Karst and Cave) Hungarian-Speleological-Society 1998 Bulletin of the Hungarian Speleological Society, Special Issue, on the occaision of the 10th International Speleological Congress Held in Hungary1989. Papers on karst, caves, thermal waters, paleontology, bats, flora, and speleotherapy in Hungary. Also info on cave conservation, cave tourism, significant speleologists, research history, the speleological institute, cave exploration, cave rescue, speleological education. In English 112pp Donated by wookey
Narrative Caves and Caving - A little Guide in colour, A guide to the exploration, Geology and Biology of Caves Jasinski, M. and Maxwell, B. 1967 Guidebook to caves and mines. Also contains a glossary of Welsh and cavng terms.
Narrative Paysages du Vercors souterrain Lismonde, B. et al. 1981 Very well illustrated French introduction to caving
Narrative Pozu del Xitu. Singleton, J. 1981 Expedition account of Oxford's -1000m discovery
Narrative Mulu Smart, P. L. and Willis, R. G. 1982 Results of the expeditions to Mulu, Malaysia
Narrative Expedition '67 to the Gouffre Berger Watkinson, P. et al. 1967
Speleology The limestones and caves of Devon Oldham, A. D. et al. 1972
Technical guide Strength of Rock Anchors Brindle, D. and Smith, R. A. 1983
Technical guide An introduction to cave surveying, BCRA Cave Studies Series no 2 Ellis, B. 1988
Technical guide Symposium on surveying caves Ford, T. D. 1987 Update on Ellis' 1976 book
Technical guide Techniques and equipment Ford, T. D. 1982 Good guide to vertical techniques - ladders, SRT and scaling
Technical guide Bolt belays for SRT Seddon, P. 1981
Technical guide Caving Expeditions Willis, D. 1986