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Contact the meets secretary for further info. See also University of Cambridge Term dates

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How does a typical weekend work?

We meet at the tackle store on Friday afternoon/evening to pack gear into cars immediately before leaving. Typically we stop for food at pizza/fish&chips/kebab/chinese places on the way to the hut (take some money along for this or carry your own sandwiches).

On Saturday we cook communal breakfast and arrange the teams for the various trips of the day. Caves can be within walking distance or they might require a short drive, so off we go caving! After caving we get back to the hut where people will help to cook communal supper, and then recount the day's adventures over a beer or two. If there is a local pub we might go there, or play silly games in the hut.

On Sunday we have communal breakfast and then go caving again, or alternatively go walking or eat cake in local shops. It really depends on how tired you are from the previous day, and cavers are normally very flexible. Sometimes we manage to do all three things in a single day! Roughly at mid afternoon we set off to drive back to Cambridge. Sometimes we stop to eat a hot meal; curry is the favourite choice (take along some more money for this).

If you want more information about caving you could read our‎ Guide to Novice Caving.

If you are meet leader, here's a helpful checklist for short meets in UK.

Sunday morning: cavers cross the Afon Nedd Fechan. South Wales. By Toby Speight

Training Sessions

Come to the Fitzpatrick Hall stage, Queens College to learn the ropes (literally).

Ensure you're subscribed to the mailing list to get further announcements nearer the time. Contact the training officer for more info.