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Not an official trip, but anyone attending New Year is invited to join in: Toby will be caving in North-West Scotland, probably leaving Cambridge on 24 December and heading to Bullpot Farm around the 28th or 29th.

Caving areas include Skye, Applecross, Kishorn, Assynt, and possibly Appin - plenty of caves to go at!

New Year

Following the committee meeting on 23rd October we settled on Bull Pot Farm. I'll keep this space updated with which permits I have obtained so far:

27th December: Lancaster Hole, Corky's Pot
28th December: Penyghent, County Pot, Short Drop and Gavel
29th December: Cow Pot, Lost John's and Boxhead
30th December: Washfold, Link Pot, Notts II, Flood and Stream
31st December: Pippikin Pot, Death's Head and Big Meanie
1st January: Mistral, Car Pot
2nd January: Aygill Caverns

Feel free to let me know of any requests.

Easter Trip

Following the committee meeting on 23rd October Majorca is now looking like our destination of choice. Start the discussion below!

Random Other Permits

I'll try and get permits for the following caves probably in Easter term (but please suggest any others you want to visit):

Otter Hole: booked for 10th May between tides and 31st May overtides.
Birks Fell
Robinson's Pot
Dan yr Ogof

Meet leaders

Add yourself here:

  • Mendip 18/19 Oct: Jess H
  • SWales 1/2 Nov: Adam
  • Yorks 15/16 Nov: Kathryn (though if anyone else wants to do it, or share doing it, thats fine)
  • Peak 29/30 Nov: Djuke